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Wise Womens' Circle NEWS

What a spectacular Womens Circle last Friday night. Complete with cracking fire pots, deep restorative sound bath and tasty Jaffa Bliss Balls. As usual the conversation and connection was so nurturing. I love what happens for our own healing as we share and create space for each other.

Below I have included the next Womens Circle evening date (Friday 10 August), a link to a Meditation you can fall asleep to, and my tried and tested recipe for tasty raw Jaffa Bliss Balls.

Next Circle Date:

I felt called to hold space for women to connect and share in Circle, and so these evenings are for you. It gives me the opportunity also to share my own ceremony, rituals and secrets and lead you, where I can into your own limitless potential. Every woman is a powerhouse of creative and unique wisdom, we just forgot that somewhere along the way. Lets come together to remind each other who we are.

I don't publicly advertise or market what I do. I believe I am here to do my evolutionary work, and where I can make a difference I will surely follow. I rely on word of mouth and women like you leading by example with the people in your life…they will soon want what you are having!!

So please share with other women in your life who you think may also enjoy the benefits of connecting with other like-minded women in sacred space, illuminating our feminine wisdom .

Please share this link:

Meditation to fall asleep to:

We spoke at our last Circle about STRESS being the number one biggest contributor to upset, illness and dis-ease today. One of the easiest and most simple ways to combat stress (amongst many things), is meditation. There are a myriad of meditations available on the internet these days. Here is a simple and easy meditation to turn on as you snuggle up in bed. The first time I listened to this, I fell asleep before it finished!

Meditation is a daily ritual for me and the one true way to self healing, self- understanding and bringing harmony between our inner and outer world. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Recipe Time

Our Full Moon Eclipse Circle Treat was a hit! My husband was sadly dissapinted the next morning when he went searching for and found no left overs!! haha

As promised here is the recipe, but be careful, they're addictive!

Divine Mists

I am receiving lovely comments from those who have purchased a Divine Mist (or ten) from my NEW range of vibrational aura sprays. Each is created in a deep meditative state with crystal, sound and Divine energy connection.

Comments such as...

"I buy this from you Jen, because I know you and I am confident the energy is pure"

" I love my Divine Mist, I use it every day!"

"Wow, I can feel the energy in this. Its definitely not just your average essential oil spray!"

"I love ALL of my sprays. The smell is divine!"

I had Sooooo much fun making my new batch last week, channeling the full moon eclipse quantum energy in a deep meditative state flowing within a sound and crystal infused bath of Divine intent.

These mists are created with such potent present intent, that each who sprays will receive all universe blessings aligned to their higher self.

Just shake, spray over your aura and affirm your intention with the Divine Mist of your choice. What a start to the day!

To Shop Now🎁🎁for your Divine Mist go to

Browse the blends and their Divine intents for the infusion your soul needs.

Sharing My little bit of ceremony and specialness with you.

Paypal and direct debit available. Each spray comes in a gift bag and Mist description. Perfect for a gift for a friend or loved one, or just for you…because the world is waiting for your magic... your wisdom.

See you in Circle

Jennifer Laws, Divine Teacher
Jennifer Laws, Divine Teacher

Namaste xx

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