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Life & Soul Coaching for Women 40+

Personalised guidance to Enlighten, Enrich and Empower the Woman Within.

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Feel Alive Again

Are you ready to feel deeply passionate about life again?

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Life & Soul Coaching is a personalised intimate journey tailored specifically to meet you where you are at.

I'll tune in with your energy and develop a journey designed to help you re-connect to your Higher Self and elevate your consciousness. 


  • Do you feel minimised and forgotten?  

  • Overwhelmed by external chaos and stress?

  • Feeling empty or lacking purpose and joy?

  • Do you want to feel more, be more and live more?

I get it! I totally understand. I'm here to help you re-connect to your inner wisdom so that you can live your life in alignment with your soul. This is my passion and my purpose. 

We all need guidance at times in our life. Gone are the days of women being Martyrs, juggling and sacrificing.

It's time to lean into your feminine and allow her to receive nurturing, understanding, and wisdom that will soothe your soul. 

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Does this sound like you?

You want to:

  • Experience more joy, vitality, abundance, and health, and feel empowered

  • Reconnect with who you truly are so you feel alive and energized

  • Figure out what’s keeping you stuck and learn how to move through it

  • Know how to reduce stress & anxiety and cope with mid-life changes

  • Let go of hustle so you can experience ease and enjoyment

  • Receive guidance on a soulful level and rediscover inner contentment

  • Learn how to trust yourself so you can make aligned decisions

  • Grow, heal & nourish your soul, and elevate your consciousness

  • Make choices that enrich and empower you and create a fulfilling life

  • Create a business that fits with your life whilst honoring your energy

  • Create authentic achievable balance in your life (incl. career, personal, family, wealth, health, social, and relationships) - and have fun!

This is absolutely possible!  During my 20+ years of transformational coaching, I have discovered that true change happens when we work on the soul level.


You may be in a vulnerable stage of life, or perhaps just buried in monotony. You know something isn’t right. The truest path to living a life that is fulfilling and in tune with what energises you is to discover how your soul aligns with your values/core desires.


When you align with these and start trusting your inner wisdom, life flows more easily and joyfully. I offer a free 30 min call, where you can ask me anything and see how soul mentoring could help you make positive lasting change. 


During Life & Soul Coaching sessions, I am able to sense the exact ingredients your soul needs, guiding you through an alchemical metamorphosis into your highest potential. Learn how to create more time for living, exploring, expressing, and being. Reconnect with the joyful, vibrant, abundant, healthy empowered woman you can be.


Over the last 20+ years, I am honored to have worked with clients of all generations and life phases:

  • Baby Boomers (embracing their second spring of life)​

  • Gen X (reclaiming feminism and truth and navigating mid-life)

  • Millennials (the shakers and disrupters of old patterns and thinking)

If you have been feeling like something is missing, and have the desire to be something more, Life & Soul Coaching is for you.

What if you could create a life that feels in flow, with the JOYFUL AUTHENTIC YOU at the centre?
Learn what is uniquely important to YOU to thrive and shift old patterns that hold you back. Be supported and empowered as you co-create a fulfilling life ahead.

Time to choose You

About me

With 20+ years coaching experience, I have also trained with international spiritual leaders (read more here), I apply my wisdom daily in my own life. My passion is to guide you in creating a life that flows, where connection and freedom are your guiding post, and true joy is what you wake up to.  My desire is to have you experience balance in all aspects, and still allow room for the unpredictable. I guide you to create an enlightened life where the ups and downs of life don't have to throw you completely off-kilter.  Instead, you feel enriched and empowered. 

Jennifer Laws  Soul mentoring session
My Approach

This is not a cookie-cutter program. I work 1:1 with you, tuning into your soul, personalising your journey so that you learn how to create your vision of a fulfilling life that aligns with your values and soul purpose.

Re-discover your inner wisdom, core values, and soul purpose and/or legacy, and learn how to create a life you can't wait to get up in the morning for. 

My Clients

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Conscious Mothers, Midwives and Doulas

Corporate Leaders and Real Estate Agents

Healers and Spiritual Teachers

Medical Doctors and Emergency Nurses



Jen, when I began this journey with you I felt lonely and fatigued, and resentful toward those that had betrayed and hurt me. I hated my body and felt so judged by others. I hated my job and was confused about my career and my direction. I was in a slump and struggled to manifest what I kept wishing for.  

And now? Wow! Such a huge difference. I feel so alive. I no longer feel the emptiness I felt. I realise just now that I haven’t looked at myself and thought you’re fat or ugly for a long time. How awesome is that?

My self-esteem has grown and improved so much. It is showing up in my relationships, my life, and my moods. I actually love exercise now and going to the gym. I have so much more energy and excitement for life. My relationship with money has improved a lot too and I realise the key to everything is my self-confidence and self-love. I am so grateful thank you Jen. x

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Taylor, Gold Coast

"You helped me realise my worth, my purpose, my strength"

Soul Mentoring

(3 month journey)


Paula, Brisbane

"It blows me away how different, connected, real and true to myself I have become in this last year. It is all thanks to you, Jen." 

Soul Mentoring

(8 Month Journey)


Nicola, Perth

"It was amazing having someone navigate me through my life and understand what I needed to grow and blossom into that better version of me."

Soul Mentoring

(8 month journey)

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