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Sound Healing

A Deeply Restorative

Sound and Energy Healing Experience. 

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When life gets out of tune

Experience the healing power of Sound

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Sound is said to be the medicine of the future. 

"Using the body's innate wisdom, sound healing looks beyond the symptom to the root cause of the distress, addressing the mind, heart, spirit, and body"  Joshua Leeds, The Power of Sound

During a Sound Healing, experience a symphony of specialty instruments producing beautiful sounds and vibrations, gently transforming stress that has been locked in your cells, muscles, and organs back to harmonic balance. This creates a deeply relaxing meditative state. You not only hear but feel the vibrational cleanse happening in, on, and around your body.

Sound Healing assists in realigning your chakras and expanding your consciousness, changing the composition of your blood cells, and can transport you to a different realm. 

Feel completely nurtured and surrounded in this cocoon of sound, and allow yourself to melt into a blissful state that will stay with you long after your session. 

Ultimate Sound Healing Experience

I have created a quiet sanctuary healing studio surrounded by nature in Tallebudgera, Gold Coast.  Each Sound Healing is an integrative 90-minute experience using a combination of shamanic healing, intuitive reading, energy, crystal, vibroAcoustic sound therapy, and coaching.


This is a unique offering where you receive so much more than your typical sound bath. 

I have spent many years of study and practice that I call upon in each session. I believe feeling into the energy and using my intuitive guidance creates a deeper level of healing for my clients. Sound healing should be an immersive whole body, mind, and soul experience. My intention for every client is to feel nurtured and to release trapped or stuck energy that has been causing stress and imbalance.

I am wholly passionate about my work and my client's well-being. My process is carried out with deep respect for our personal journeys and our relationships with each other, the planet, and all sentient beings. ​

Using Integrative healing modalities,  I then use a variety of sound healing instruments placed on and around you. Therapy techniques include:

  • Vibroacoustic sound bed using transducers technology

  • Psychoacoustics therapy

  • Musical intervals and triads, Solfeggio frequencies, and biofield tuning

  • Sympathetic resonance, brain wave entrainment, balancing left/right brain hemispheres

  • Voice and vocal toning

  • Planetary vibrations

  • Shamanic drumming and acoustic medicine

  • Energy field assessment and balancing

  • Chakra Centres assessment and Cymatics

  • Shamanic journeying and healing

What really happens during your sound healing? Follow along with the stages described below.  Book in for an integrative healing experience today, it really will become your favourite therapy!

What will you Experience?

Benefits of Sound Healing

"The stress just melted away..." - Lisa

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Sound Healing has many benefits:

  • Ease pain, both physical and emotional

  • Still the mind and regain focus

  • Reduce stress, promote self-relaxation

  • Lower blood pressure & improve blood flow

  • Support immunity and good mood

  • Balance energy and spiritual well being

What are the different tools used during sound healing?

  • Tibetan bowls

  • Crystal singing bowls

  • Brazilian rain stick and rain drum

  • Shamanic drums and shakers

  • Koshi Chimes

  • Crystal singing pyramid

  • Chinese chime balls

  • Planetary Gongs

  • Tuning forks

  • Vibro-acoustic sound 

How do these help you?

Research into tuning forks showed they could be effective at relieving muscle and bone pain. Sounds and vibrations from singing bowls can lower blood pressure, improve circulation, relieve aches and pains, and even strengthen the immune system. A study into vibroacoustic therapy (sounds and vibrations applied directly to the body) discovered the practice could be effective for treating chronic pain and speedy recovery from injury. Book now to experience the ultimate sound healing.

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Lillian, Gold Coast

"Amazing amazing experience. I highly recommend this truly wonderful healing opportunity.
I left feeling that I had learnt something truly inspiring, and my stress levels were at their all-time lowest, and what a treat for all the senses!!"

Sound & Energy Healing


Samantha, Sydney

"An uplifting, enlightened beautiful experience.
Sharing time and energy with this lovely soul is a gift in itself.
I feel positive, renewed, with realigned chakras and an open mind."

Sound & Energy Healing


Paula, Brisbane

"OMG what an incredible session!  The power comes through you so strongly. It's authentic, sacred, potent, honest work...
I'm still revelling in it."

Sound & Energy Healing

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