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The Possibility Pause

We are eternal

But we often forget

We are perfection

Yet we fall back into temporary dementia;

Believing we are our thoughts, we are this body

We are our emotions trapped

by the perceived restrictions created in this life;

Until we SEE and remember.

We endlessly seek love, connection, like we are separate from it.

We seek an easier way, the ‘elusive more’,

Yet we are free to be in THIS moment.


We sink deeper into the murky waters of

Boredom, frustration, anxiety, and depression

Busily just existing, trying to make do, make work,

Complete the expectations placed upon us

Whilst trying to look good on the surface – selfie perfection.

All the while time passes us by, and we pretend

to have it all together, too afraid to admit we don't.

The mind chatter keeps us in shame, guilt, fear and vulnerability.

We tell our self ‘one day’!

I just need to do this first.

Stashing away and storing the grains until a rainy day

Because our material needs might be in danger

But that time reaches out, and our NOW is left wanting.

It’s not in vision boards and wishful thinking

It’s not in more courses or more time.

Its not when other people get their sh*@ together

or the stars line up.

Be brave

Be bold

Be adventurous.

Dare to go outside of what you are brought up to think or be or do.

Explore, express and seek beyond the illusion

For what awaits is a delicious freedom with flowing abundance.

Find that teacher, mentor, guide

who can nurture the journey

Because we all need a little help and support;

to remind us who we are; to inspire our possibilities.

My Master Teachers have been the cornerstone of my growth and flow.

Life is sacred, Life is short.

When we choose to step aside from the

Hiding-out, numbing-out, Projecting-onto,

Playing-out past and future dramas, excusing behavior and choices;

We find space to listen, wonder and realign

in the unfolding of what our purpose is.

Our soul purpose in this body, at this time.

It is so simple, yet we make it so complicated.

Start by pressing the pause button.

The possibility Pause

The Possibility Pause

Stop. Breathe. Tune in. What would source do?

What aligns, what doesn’t?

Cleanse? Clear out? Connect the dots.

Start small. Create a new ritual that reflects living in the moment.

And feel..until you SEE…the possibility.

Are you ready…

When you are ready to pause and shine a light on your possibilities;

Or you need help working through something in your life at the moment...

I hold space in one-on-one sessions, to nurture and guide you through what you seek.

If you’re ready….

Connect with me by email;

Or text or messege me. It all starts with that first step. I am here, dearest.

Be brave beautiful soul.

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