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Welcome to our testimonials page. I want to express my gratitude to all my incredible clients for trusting in this journey of self-discovery and transformation. Choosing yourself takes courage, and I'm deeply touched to be a part of their path toward creating and manifesting the life they desire. These stories are a testament to the real impact of life and soul coaching. My heart is open to supporting you on your journey as well. Contact me here –  x Jen

Nicky, Perth

Jen, you have ENLIGHTENED my life! 

Wow Jen I am a new woman because of you and I can’t thank you enough for the gift of this “new” and enriched life you have shown me. 


During the past 3 months on my soul journey with you, you have been my friend, life coach, spiritual leader, mentor and so much more. Words cannot even describe how truly grateful I am to you for your unconditional love and your endless advice and knowledge. Through your beautiful teachings, I have experienced what deep inner peace, calmness and stillness can bring to my life.


The most amazing part about working with you was that you were always available to guide me with your words of wisdom through our online communication and weekly chats. 


In the past, I had this niggly feeling like, “Is this it?” “Why do I have to try so hard to be happy?” “I have no idea who I am or what I want from my life.” 

This is what prompted me to start my 3 months Ashram with you. 


I have now changed my attitude towards my life and my relationship with myself, my husband, my children and my friends has improved. I have looked more deeply into what I need in my life, what makes me happy and most importantly how to truly love myself. 

I am amazed at how my perspective of life has changed and how different my values and intentions are.  It blows me away how connected, real and true to myself I have become in this last year. It is all thanks to you! 


I can’t wait to dive even deeper into this amazing journey and I could not think of a better person to have as my teacher. Thank you Jen xxxx


Bali Retreat 

"You have changed my life..."

"This was the first solo holiday since my kids were born and it truly was magical.
I have learnt so much internally and how to be kinder to myself. I feel I return home a wiser, grateful, grounded woman. I am now inspired to show up each day to be the best version of myself.  Thank you so much Jen for everything. you have changed my life"

Nic, Real Estate Executive 

"A huge THANK YOU for taking us on the most amazing journey in Bali.  I feel like the self-sabotaging layers have been released and I was privileged enough to truly feel into these.

In my daily meditation, I am now able to tap into these feelings again and actually BE the person I want to be. No words can describe what a magical experience that is. My gratitude towards you overflows every day."

Nicky, Pilates Instructor

"Words could never truly express how this trip has helped me grow. I surrendered the need to control, the need to be perfect, the need to overthink everything.

My mind feels so clear of bullshit stories
Stories I have been telling myself my entire life
Stories I thought were helping me
Stories that were keeping me stuck
I have been filling my cup so I can share from the overflow when I get home.  I can't even begin to describe how amazing it has been. A magical trip"

Samy, Wellness Consultant


Monica, Sydney

My back pain dissolved,

Coaching focus: Health, personal development, career, family and relationships


"Prior to being coached by Jen I had put on a lot of weight, I was unhealthy, had a bad back, was in debt, working long hours and I felt low in confidence. I also felt at a crossroads with my friendships. I felt annoyed and upset with myself. I had read The Secret and attended I Can Do It conferences, and felt that I was on a journey for personal growth, but I also felt stuck and not sure how to break out of my procrastination and laziness. Basically, I was not really happy.  In comes Jen, who was able to pinpoint what was going on in my life and gave me confidence that she could help me. I initially approached Jen for coaching me to prepare for my Goal to walk the Camino in Spain, but I can’t believe how much more my life was impacted. 

Through Jen’s program, I started eating healthy nutritious meals and found I enjoy maintaining them (the cravings aren’t there anymore), I lost 7 kilos, started exercising and found a love for bushwalking. My back pain dissolved, I spoke up for the first time with my family on a few issues and was amazed at the results, I feel a real respect there again. I am managing my debt and saved enough for my big trip to Spain at the end of the year. I started building a new business idea and am in the process of freeing myself from long working hours, and I started a lifelong dream to volunteer at an animal shelter, something I had been dreaming about but never took action.


I loved Jen’s Guided visualisations which were freak’n awesome. It helped me to connect with the emotion and get excited, helping me cement what I was working towards, making it a reality. We had a lot of laughs on our calls together, so it was a fun journey of discovery for me. I feel really good now, looking back I can’t believe just how much I have changed. I have a focus and I am not letting them slide. I feel awesome. Thanks Jen “

Monica, Mosmon


More Testimonials

Business Coaching
“I was lacking confidence and didn’t have clarity around my business with my business cards, flyers and packages. Working with Jennifer gave me inspiration, confidence and knowledge to move forward and gain clarity with my business.  I am excited about what I have achieved.  Applying the processes each week with Jennifer’s support I now have the colours, design and packages for my business. I love her guidance, her energy, her fun spirit and the gift of pushing me a little more out of my comfort zone.  Therefore building my confidence and believe anything is possible. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a coach.” 

Leith, SA

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