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About Me


This work is my calling.


My intention is to share my years of dedicated learning and experience with you, through intuitively curated personalised sessions. I specialise in Soul Mentoring and Sound Healing.

I am, a mother of two amazing boys, as well as a wife and business owner. There is no separation.


My typical day ranges from immersing in deep energetic healing sessions, soul mentoring, and creating high-vibrational doing the laundry, and making school lunches; and everything in between. 

This keeps me connected, loving life, and on purpose. 

I wish this for you too. 


I live my teachings. I lead by example.

My purpose is to inspire and support others on their own inner journey of joyful living and empowerment.

My role is not to lecture or judge or entrain you to do things my way.


Whether it's a sound healing or soul mentoring journey, I'm here to help you re-connect to your inner wisdom so that you can live your life in alignment with your soul.

My wisdom is broad and deep, with over 30+ years in the making.

See my extensive credentials below. 

Qualifications and Experience

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My Journey

Coming soon...

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