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to my Sanctuary Space

My offering is a sacred space to guide you in discovering your inner light, the wisdom flowing through you, to live your life in alignment with your highest truth and purpose.

Sanctuary of trees
Sound Healing | Soul Mentoring Gold Coast

Life & Soul Coach

for Women 40+

​Hello Ladies, 

I'm a Women’s Life & Soul Coach, guiding women through real transformation for over 20 years.


My clients not only want to BE HEARD, and listened to,  but you are also seeking a VISION and the GUIDANCE to achieve your deepest desires, to create lasting change, to make fulfilling life choices and unlock your unrealised potential.


In every session, whether its coaching, sound healing, shamanic healing, or a workshop or retreat;  I guide you towards real transformation to help you reclaim that amazing life of yours!


I am seriously committed to seriously phenomenal results for you!

Experience has shown me that real change happens at the Soul level. To bridge the gap between the mind and your intuitive wisdom. So I guide you on deeper soulful levels. The New Empowered Woman knows when and how to merge the practical everyday with the heart.   


If you have ever wondered if a Life and Soul Coaching experience is what you have been looking for, Text or DM me for a free call. 

My services include:

  • Life & Soul Coaching for women over 40

  • Sound Healing & Shamanic Healing

  • Private Women's Retreats

Sound Healing

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My Services


Choose from either:

1hr sessions:
Need a little help to get you back on track and feeling more aligned?  


Weekly Guided 1:1 Coaching:

We all need guidance at times in our life... Life & Soul Coaching is a deep and personalised intimate journey tailored to navigate you onto your true path.

Create your life in flow and joy, one that feels authentic and fulfilling. Deeply integrative and life-changing, Life & Soul journeys will grace every aspect of your life; Personal, Spiritual, Career, Business, Family, Play, Wealth, Health, Relationships, and Social Impact. I'll tune in with your energy & address your challenges and obstacles and develop a journey designed to help you re-connect to your Higher Self and elevate your consciousness. You deserve to live in joy and balance, and these sessions are designed to help you actually live that way from day one.


Feel completely nurtured and surrounded in this cocoon of sound, and allow yourself to melt into a blissful state that will stay with you long after your session. 

This is the ultimate full-body sound healing experience for clearing stress, and stuck energy and creating deep relaxation for your mind and body. I use a pre and post-chakra assessment so you can visually see the changes that have taken place. This is is a unique offering where you receive so much more than your typical sound bath. 

Your 90 min session will include:

  • Chakra assessment

  • Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Drums

  • Intuitive Reading & Guidance

  • Discover your Spirit Animal

  • Exprience the Vibro-acousitc sound bed

  • Pre and post-healing debrief

  • Crystals and Essential oils


What do you experience in the ultimate sound healing?  Click below to find out. 🥰

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Taylor, Gold Coast

"You helped me realise my worth, my purpose, my strength"

Soul Mentoring

(3 month journey)


Paula, Brisbane

"OMG what an incredible session!  The power comes through you so strongly. It's authentic, sacred, potent, honest work...
I'm still revelling in it."

Sound & Energy Healing

(90 mins)


Nicola, Perth

"It was amazing having someone navigate me through my life and understand what I needed to grow and blossom into that better version of me."

Soul Mentoring

(8 month journey)

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