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Brand New Mist for 2023!

Our Witches Brew was made to assist you in tapping into your personal and creative, manifesting powers! The name was chosen to help you think of your intentions for manifesting in the moment... much like a list of ingredients you need to manifest your wishes by adding them (your intentions) into your imaginary white witches couldron. 

How to use:

  • Hold your intentions for what you want to manifest (e.g. asking for your day to flow easily, more abundance, luck for job interview/exam, boost in confidence, or to wish others well...) 
  • Breathe in as you spray the mist around your aura, say your intentions out loud or in your mind and breathe out and then say "And so it is"
  • Enjoy the uplifting and stimulating aroma


For Personal Power... Bless your intensions with every spray. 

How to Spray:

Hold the bottle approx. 10cm away from your body and spray all around your aura starting from your Crown chakra downwards. Enjoy the delicate fine mist tickling your skin as you breathe in the beautiful aroma and magical powers.


Our sprays are made in potent small batches to ensure true the highest quality and energies are channeled.  If your fave spray is not in stock, you can pre-order as we are always making  small high vibrational batches to ensure you have the most potent and clear sprays possible!  


Witches Brew Mist

SKU: Witches 1
  • Our Divine Mists smell incredible!
    All our Divine Mists are made with the most pure essential oils (therapeutic and practitioner grade), Divine intentions and over 72hrs of crystal grid and sound baths to create the highest vibrational aura and space sprays made here on the Gold Coast.


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