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Our carefully created Space Clearing and Protection Mist is divinely charged to clear negative or stuck energy and bring in a protective shield for your aura or space. 

Clear and Protect Spray is a fragrant aura mist created in a sacred luna and crystal sound and healing ritual. This mist contains liquid crystal energies and the highest quality Therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

Suggested uses:

  • Spray your work area before you start work 
  • Clear your aura before and/or after being around others
  • Children will love being sprayed with this whenever they feel tired or drained 
  • Mist your bed for a deeper sleep
  • Spray your room, meditation space, pillow and Aura

This is our Best selling mist.  If it's not in stock, you can pre-order as we are always making  small high vibrational batches to ensure you have the most potent and clear sprays possible!  

How to use:
Enjoy the delicate fine mist tickling your aura and skin as you spray this from your crown charkra, then around your face, heart and solar plexus.  Hold the bottle approx. 10cm away and mist away, breathing in the beautiful aroma and healing powers.


Clear and Protect Spray

SKU: Clear 1
  • Our Divine Mists smell incredible!
    All our Divine Mists are made with the most pure essential oils (therapeutic and practitioner grade), Divine intentions and over 72hrs of crystal grid and sound baths to create the highest vibrational aura and space sprays made here on the Gold Coast.


  • Shipping

    1-2 bottles costs $12 to post (including packaging)

    If you want to order more than 2 bottles, please text or email for  shipping price.

    Jennifer - 0414641186  |

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