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Zen with Jen Afternoon Retreat

2017 is shaping up to be a magical year of lifestyle changes for me and my family. We are moving to Queensland from the busyness of Sydney to create a life we have dreamt about around Hinterland, beaches, space and connectedness.

To honour my time in Sydney and all those on this wonderful journey of life I am hosting my last Sydney retreat before I move. I invite you to come join me for a nurturing afternoon "Connecting with Self": playing with sound healing instruments, relaxing with guided meditations and indulging in raw treats.

Hands-on fun. We will expereince how to find your inner compass, feel joyful freedom and learn how to manifest your dream life. An afternoon that could change your life!

When: Sunday 26 February 2017; 3pm to 6pm SOLD OUT!!!!!!! [Don't miss out again. To be updated on latest retreats and workshops enter your name and email on the home page! ]

Where: Drummoyne, NSW (address on registration)

Afternoon includes: - Raw treats and refreshments - Guided mindfulness actvities and expereinces - Hands on sound-healing workshop (play with sound); - Tools and strategies to help you "connect with self"; and - A relaxing sound bath meditation

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Enjoy the beautiful healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tongue drum, Sharman Drum, Sacred wind Gong, rain stick, clava sticks, shakers and harmony balls.

Cartoon courtesy of Buddha Doodles

Due to space, places are limited. Book now to secure a spot. You're welcome to Bring a friend.

$75 per head (ONLY $55 if you book and pay by Tuesday 21 February). Contact me to book your place on 0414641186 or send an email to

Pay by Direct debit:

To: Jennifer Laws

Bank: ANZ Bank

BSB: 12275

Account: 537005864

Reference: [your name]

What to bring: Pillow, yoga mat or towel, pen and paper. Get ready to be nurtured and renvigorated!

Testimonials from other happy retreat clients:

Wow!! How zen do I feel now!! Thank you for all the great information and for the best meditation in the world!! I feel so good, relaxed and inspired. Id recommend to those looking for inspiration and for that perfect introduction to meditation, chakras, cyrstals, and generally to feel good about yourself.

Monica McGowan, Business Owner

Jen I loved the whole day. you create a relaxed and social environment very easily. I enjoyed every aspect of the day: the meditation with the gong and bowls, learning about crystals and chakras were new and enjoyable for me. The day helped me to refocus on my inner energy and relax. IT was so enjoyable to get away for the day and focus on self. The benefits are so universal, that anyone would truly benefit.

Janne McCully, OCTherapist

Jen is a fabulous meditation leader with a soothing voice and beautiful nature. She creates powerful visual meditations that have helped me to relax and refocus. I would recommend this for so many mums. With so much going on in our lives, this time for ourselves is so worthwhile!

Mary Hunt, HR Program Manager

The retreat with Jen was a lovely calming day. I walk away with feeling good about myself and with more peace. Thanks Jen. I would recommend this to all my girlfriends.

Rachael Ward, Balmain Business Owner

Jen, thank you. I feel very enlightened and inspired. Thank you for clearing my chakras. The sound bath and meditation were the absolute highlight of the day. The treats we made were so much fun and yummy – unusual for healthy J

Anna Vasillieva, Beauty consultant

I left on a sound cloud! From the moment Jen welcomed me into her healing space she completely put me at ease. Jen created a safe, supportive and healing environment which allowed me to stop and breath. Jen’s sensitive, soothing energy encouraged me to deeply relax, something that doesn’t come naturally to me. Her sound therapy session helped calm my mind and body thru the beautiful sounds and vibrations created. At the start of my session I was feeling exhausted and a bit run down, I left feeling tranquil, clearer and floating on an aura of calmness. If you want to create a positive path for yourself this year in body, mind and spirit then definitely consider a sound healing session with Jen.

Lisa Friedlander, Business Consultant and Coach

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