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Whoa! What has the cosmos washed up this month?

How have you faired in this month of Integration? This watery element month of March has brought on the waves of emotions and allowed me to practice flowing with the rhythms of life's lessons.

The frequency? Feminine wisdom resonance. Found only in the pauses, heard in the silence, felt in the heart and claimed in the womb.

I held space for a group of women on a 21 day online Sadhana this month, as they journeyed into their own spiritual awareness and feminine super-powers, a resurrection of an ancient wisdom. I find it hard to describe in words the depth that these women dove into...

"I feel like I have grown a few lives in the last 13 days and I look forward to what is still to come." expressed by one of these special women.

It was truly inspiring to witness the insight and growth that can transpire when we dive into the unknown, commit to ourself and find our own truth, our own way and uncover with the freedom and empowerment that was there all along.

I found myself in Mastery of surfing the changing conditions March presented with. Privileged to hold space and witness and guide other women in private coaching, sound healings, women's circle and full month releasing; as well as being the guide for my own kids as they navigated the interactions of school playground personalities and parent interactions. A similar theme I saw is that this school of life never stops to provide us with the opportunity to master self responsibility and awareness of our own energies, our integrity, and a vigilant protector of collective consciousness. It is a discipline that brings grace. Without it we become victims to our life, paralysed by the circumstances that happen TO us, rather than being the recipient of blessings that happen FOR us.

And yet I found myself being drawn to the couch often....completely WIPED out this month by the cosmic energies penetrating our every being? Did you feel it?

I needed to honour that; to stop and nurture myself. To soldier on, push-on through these times in the past has only brought burn-out, irritability, regretful reactions or stressful events, or worse illness and pain. So I paused, rested, inquired within, gave- back to myself. Every time rewarded with insight and vitality.

It is (I AM) so worth it.

To be self-respectful at these times. This is a our contribution to world service - peace, love and compassion for self emanates around us.

I have been working with my own teacher and mentor in reactivating my soul consciousness and energy body. Multi-Dimensional, orgasmic, phoenix rising, cosmic upgrading, body transformational kinda-stuff - just my new normal...hahaha

And NO THING compares to the freedom of purpose, of self-love, self-respect, abundance and peace that brings. I am always working on my growth, for this is where the magic of life IZ. It is a beautiful freedom to be accountable and responsible for your own life, every day in every way. Freedom mentally, physically, emotionally and that deep feeling of connection of something greater than me. When you journey with me, my commitment is the same. The energy and space I hold for you is what I desire for me. Joy, love, freedom, connection.

And so now we enter a BIG weekend..the Full Moon in Libra, Venus in Taurus, Easter and school holidays, ending of Day light saving, and almost half way through discerning Mercury in retrograde...whoa!

My wish for you at this time is the present of presence. Take some time out for yourself, even just 5 minutes to sit alone and inquire within on what you need. Ask "what is my relationship with me like right now?"

Seek what is /is not in alignment with your truth right NOW. Let go and allow. This is a time of forgiveness for all that is NOT and in gratitude for all that IZ!

You are worth it.

Blessings to you xxx

Divine Teacher, Jennifer Laws

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