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When a snickers really satisfies

It’s 3pm and you have that sluggish feeling that sets off an afternoon sweet craving…for chocolate! Damn the snickers bar that promises to satisfy, but fails to mention the weight gain and guilt chaser.

Instead you try to motivate yourself to grab the so called 'healthy' foods, of protein bars, low fat muesli bars and fruit juice smoothies, but still find yourself eating your way to weight gain, insomnia, irregular behavior, diabetes, heart disease and more. Eek…shocking!

I know because you are reading this that health and vitality are important to you and your loved ones. But that doesn't mean you need to miss out on taste and indulgence!!

How about making, and devouring one or two of these favorite sweet indulgences, and all with guilt free ingredients?.

Try something like these alternatives to the popular sugar-filled treats; a Snickers Smickers, a Bounty Free, a raw fruit pizza or a chocolate protein ball (could be on tasting at the Respark Your Soul 1 Day Urban Retreat)

Honor yourself by making your own delicious 'special treats' that are nearly, if not devoid of any sugar or refined carbohydrates (the culprits that could be making you bloated and sick). Not only do you nurture your body but your conscience as well.

My kids ask for these as their treats and take them as snacks to school ( the nut free versions of course!). Even my husband scours the fridge 'n freezer for any last pieces ( if there happens to be any left over after I make them, they are seriously addictive!)

Best of all, they are easy to make, and with a new insurgence of healthy eating on the market, the ingredients are easy to grab. Think fresh, natural and tasty.

I am often posting and sharing these tasty treats on my facebook page for inspiration and recipes! Come on over and check it out. YUM! www.facebook/

You can also dive into the numerous receipe books and healthy websites sharing their raw, vegan, sugar free treat recipes (just be sure to check the fructose levels in the recipes and eat them in moderation!). I started off at websites like and and found them full of yummy guides.

Here’s the exciting bit, how about learning how to make these in a fun and safe place?

Come join me in my kitchen at the Respark Your Soul 1 day urban retreat where I show you how to make a delicious healthy treat and indulge your tastebuds at the same time! Prepare it and eat it!

YES, you heard right....

have your cake and eat it too!! ;)

Until then…be Zen

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