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Volunteers needed

I am looking for volunteers to practice and develop my sound therapy skill and knowledge.

Come experience deep relaxing, releasing, re-energising and healing sound therapy sessions with me; in a single session or a 4-session bundle to help me build up my case studies.

I am completing a 12-month Diploma in Sound Healing with the International Sound Healing Academy, which involves extensive case studies, theory, residential workshops and assessments.

Not only does sound healing trigger deep relaxation, but also with tailored assessment and treatment can help address specific mind, body, soul needs.

So if you are experiencing any pain, discomfort, stress, ill-health, mental fogginess or strain, emotional unease or are seeking more in your life, looking to create a new intention or vision for yourself; then this might just be the perfect opportunity to begin a healing/or awakening journey.

In the safety and comfort of my private sound space in the beautiful suburb of Tallebudgera, Gold Coast, come and enjoy some relaxing YOU-time.

Check out my Facebook page for some client reviews following my Level 1 Sound Healing certificate.

Curious? Interested?

If you live in the area and would like to try it out, please send me an email to book in or to find out more. You’d be helping me greatly.

Until then…be Zen x

“Sound therapy can…help restore regulatory function to our body (ie during times of stress and illness) and help maintain and enhance regulatory function; and also have the ability to bring the body-min-spirit into fundamental alignment without having to appeal to the left brain to work ” Cathy E Guzzetta PHD RN

“A natural pain killer…half hour of music therapy produces the same effect as 10 milligrams of valium” Raymond MD Director of Conorary Care.

“Sound Therapy is the medicine of the future – a non pharmacological approach to treating pain, stress and anxiety” SaraJane William, Psychologist and Healing arts researcher.

“Sound restores our connection with our essence beyond our conscious awareness” Mitchell Gaynor, The Healing Power of Sound.

Jen is a Healer and Spiritual teacher practicing in Meditation, Sound and Movement. She offers group classes as well as one-on-one introductory or deep dive sessions. For more information send an email to or book in for a free 30 min Skype session to discuss how Jen can help you on your 'rediscovery of self' journey.

Download your FREE guided visualisation meditation at today.

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