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To love without sacrifice

Seeking purpose, clarity, life balance, happiness or success is easy, surely. Just look at all the advice, theories, positivity quotes, and motivational words of wisdom in our social media feeds daily. Google any of these words and you find a plethora of information available at our fingertips. So why haven't we got it yet?

Why are we not running around care free and ecstatic?

I found for me, it really is very simple. Well perhaps not simple to first accept, but once I really ‘got it’ and applied it, the solutions are simple. How often do you find yourself saying, "I get all this but", “I have to”, I should do”, I need to’ ‘I have no choice’, ‘its just the hand I was dealt’ , ‘its my duty’, ‘its just the way it is’, ‘its what’s right’, ‘I like to help others’, ‘I’ll be able to when”….(sigh)

Is that working for you? Are you truly happy and free?

Can you clearly see your purpose and feel alive everyday living it?

If you’re stuck, ask yourself does it truly serve to be ‘right’, or instead be ‘happy’?

Is there really only one way to do this? Can I approach this differently?

Are my good intentions really serving others now and in the long term?

Should unconditional love be soul-restrictive?

Life is not about obligation, expectation or self-sacrifice. Nor is it the achievement of perfection, status, power, or money, fixing or satisfying others or making others happy. It is not a test or a rating system. We are all equal and deserving. Yet despite ‘learning’ these beliefs from a young age through society, culture, religion, family and friends they don’t serve to really help anyone, let alone yourself. These beliefs can birth judgment and insecurity; burn out, sadness, frustration, loneliness, confusion, heartbreak, stress, fatigue, failure and more.

These very beliefs that gave us a false sense of security, identity, purpose and pride; are the same beliefs that tear relationships apart, stop people from following their dreams, lead us into depression, resentfulness and that big word ‘regret’. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but yourself. You can’t make someone happy.

You can’t make someone do anything. We all have our own ‘Will’ and freedom to use it.

Take caution, I am not here to tell you to release all responsibility and care, and serve no one but yourself. I deeply believe that the more you give, the more you receive.

BUT, instead, give from the heart, without expectation and obligation or with the intention to fix or receive back. Give, not for duty, but for love connection. Give firstly to yourself. Make choices that nourish your soul. When you live from what lights you up, then you inspire others; you give others room to be their true selves too, not what they think they are expected to be. Then you are expressing from soul, your purpose. Now that is of service to yourself and others, without sacrifice. That is love, unconditional love.

In 2017, this 1 universal year which is all about new beginnings and fresh starts; where you are manifesting your life you will be living for the next 9 years, take a moment to pause. Is there some old limiting beliefs that can be reviewed. What you believe will be. It's there in your heart, in your dreams. You are a marvellous manifestor. Intend as you wish it to be.

so BE free, to be YOU!

With love x

Jen is a Healer and Spiritual teacher practicing in Meditation, Sound and Movement. She offers group classes as well as one-on-one introductory or deep dive sessions. For more information send an email to or book in for a free 30 min Skype session to discuss how Jen can help you on your 'rediscovery of self' journey.

Download your FREE guided visualisation meditation at today.

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