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The meaning of Life

I speak not for all but for how I experience this physical life experience, in hope that it creates reflection in your true calling for this life, as we enter the second Super New Moon for 2017.

To me, keeping my body healthy, fit and strong is as important as expanding my mind, developing my spiritual/emotional sense, living my soul purpose and sharing that in service to others. Not one is separate. It is part of the whole.

Just as physical health requires care, routine, discipline, knowledge and ceremony added with flexibility, and pleasure; so does every aspect of our being. Ease and grace comes with focused intention.

My Maths teacher once said to me after watching me dance on stage at a school concert how I 'flowed like spirit'. She commented how it complimented the determined focus I had with my studies. She said that 'perhaps grace was a product of discipline''.

This comment has forever stuck with me. To me, living authentically is living in graceful inspired action.

When I do life flows beautifully. When I don't, I fall, I blank out and miss out.

I feel being spiritual is a practical experience in this physical life incarnation. It's using our source energy to deliberately create a delicious life. Its our birth right. It's breathing in the fresh air as you run through the wind, it's feeling the deep connection in an embrace with those you love, it's feeling empathetic compassion for other beings and living things, it's honoring your life-giving cells with nourishing food and water, its laughing and feeling joy in the moment. It's experiencing raw life-force passion and ecstasy. It's allowing life's experiences to be felt ( sweet and sour), It's being playful and grateful. Its expanding your awareness and knowledge, Its balancing the masculine and feminine energy within. It's peaceful surrender and fiery action.

Most importantly being spiritual is not being blindly religious, or weak or being a door mat for others, giving up of your own magnanimous power and right. It's not allowing compassion to let yourself be used, abused or allow bad behavior. It's not wishing and hoping and just letting life happen TO you, it's taking inquiry into why things are happening FOR you and being guided through our lessons and teachers in all their forms to expand and be You in all your authentic glory.

It's not about being afraid to go dark and deep. Instead explore your shadow so that you can release the chains that hold you down and soar for the light. It's about taking the risk to lose in order to surrender to what is really there for you. Faith.

It's connecting with the core of you, the reason you chose to incarnate in this body at this time, and live authentically with love and inspired action.

It's not a comparison with others, but a personal journey of your unique being.

Are you making the most of this incarnation? This gift of life you were given? You are part of pure source, that universal (God) intelligence that created you without you or your parents controlling it. Source delivered. You are a deliberate creator and disciple. Embrace what lies within and let it express authentically.

Today/tomorrow is the New Moon ( new beginnings), I encourage you to take some time to get in touch with the Goddess in you and use this time to create and take action on that vision to live from soul. Free of shoulds, have to's and gotta's. You are magic. Respark your soul!

Until zen xxx

Jen is a Healer and Spiritual teacher practicing in Meditation, Sound and Movement. She offers group classes as well as one-on-one introductory or deep dive sessions. For more information send an email to or book in for a complimentary 30 min Skype session to discuss how Jen can help you on your 'rediscovery of self' journey.

Download your FREE guided visualisation meditation at today.

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