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Nothing wrong with you

Often when we make changes in our life, like a move, career switch , let go of a friendship or relationship or other significant event and we move into something better, bigger, more aligned with our truth; we find ourself in a gap period. A time of feeling unsure or a little lost or lonely or sad or scared. We ask ourself "Shouldn't I be feeling great?"

Truth is even though we know the change is right and we're happy/grateful or proud, we are grieving. A loss of the old. And that's Okay. And there's an adjustment period. Let it recalibrate.

Acknowledge that the past served you at that time, the joy it brought, or the lessons or opportunity to discover yourself. Get quiet and feel that emotion. Cry, make sounds, rest, sleep, dance it or meditate. Allow yourself to feel it and then let it pass. If not, it might sneak out on you when you least expect it anyway ( you know when we start balling for no apparent reason or worse we get sick!).

It's okay. This life is a journey of change and discovery. Embrace it and be empowered by it. Be curious with it. Then get acquainted with the new you and rediscover that passion and truth and the renewed vitality it brings.

Until Zen

Jen is a Healer and Spiritual teacher practicing in Meditation, Sound and Movement. She offers group classes as well as one-on-one introductory or deep dive sessions. For more information send an email to or book in for a complimentary 30 min Skype session to discuss how Jen can help you on your 'rediscovery of self' journey.

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