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My solo retreat to Bali became a nostalgic awakening of spirit and purpose

Om Swasti Astu

Balinese greeting meaning “peace in my heart and peace in yours"

Sometimes in our lives we a drawn to something more sacred, seeking meaning and understanding so that we can serve and make a difference for ourselves and those around us.

In this recent solo trip to Ubud Bali I quickly discovered that it became a nostalgic awakening of spirit and purpose. I share my journey, in the hope that it inspires you or encourages you in some small way to Respark Your Soul!

In fact ladies, I discovered who are we to hide? Who are we not to shine and share our God given gifts. Rejoice in this beautiful feminine, sixth sensory body we were blessed with and fuel it with cell nurturing goodness in what we eat and drink. Embrace it, move it and get in touch with it. Despite society expectations, we are not here to hide behind just to please our kids our partners or parents. Nurture and serve, absolutely yes, but God also asks us to fulfil the reason we came embodied here as beautiful feminine spirits with unique gifts. This combination of our talents is what the world needs, now more than ever.

Do you doubt yourself or fear your greatness?

Are you allowing the judgement of others to play it small?

Are you discounting your desires to please others?

Embrace ladies, fear not. Follow your heart, live it and share with others!

Prior to Bali, I felt confused, bored, foggy headed, stuck in a material world that over promises and under delivers. I was aware of the light and shade but unknown how to find the balance. I had uncovered a lifetime of limiting beliefs to discover what I am Not. BUT, if I am not that, than WHO AM I? I felt a deep knowing that there was more to tap into, a yearning for clarity and purpose. What I found was so much more.

During a private Bali Soul Adventures Retreat tailored directly to my needs and hopes, I gained an appreciation and confirmation for the roles I had been leading; released limiting beliefs and self sabotage I had 'til now struggled to shake off. I was rebalanced and realigned. I learnt new mind blowing techniques and skills to maintain that journey. I fell in love and reconnected. I was pampered and re-energised. I see now a path before me filled with purpose, and self respect.

Alone....without my husband, or kids; no friends or family, I took myself on a solo retreat to one of Earths most spiritual places. Once an achieve-driven corporate climber, come mother of 2 and seeker of something more sacred, more true, I was drawn to Bali, a place where a conscious celebration of spirit is a part of daily life. Gratitude, purification, service to self, to others and God creates a life of genuine fulfilment.

The land is blessed with a beautiful rainbow spectrum of colour and creativity in flower and plant life, art and craft, sound and music, food and most especially; healing. The energy is so strong, so real, almost tangible; it's an emotionally charged connection of spirit. I couldn't help but feel like I was coming home.

I call it my Eat Pray Pamper experience. I was blessed with a smorgasbord of raw, vegan, healthy earth foods and spices that fed and satisfied my mind, body and soul. It was like Christmas when I stumbled on each new place to indulge my love of healthy tastes.

With a Balinese Princess, Cok Ratih as my Guide, I learnt and became a part of their spiritual ritual. Through offerings and prayer at the most sacred of temples, the "Mother Temple" high on the slopes of Mt Agung; as well as a Holy Water Purification at the Tita Empul temple in Tampaksiring. Praying at the temple in the Lake, Pemkab Tabanan was not only soul enriching but a visual and sound feast, with musical offerings and colourful outfits worn by visitors in ceremony. It was a heart opening, soul enriching, healing connection with my self, God, and Bali.

I found a kindred spirit friendship and mentor in Cok Ratih. She shared new perspectives on the benefits of patience, the life-giving gifts of youthfulness, beauty and prosperity from practicing self love; and lessons of motherhood, family, business independence and finding joy in what you love.

Ubud Bali is an epicentre of sacred healing modalities. I spent a week immersed in sound healing and body song realignment, life coaching, breathwork, meditation, shamanic astrology and traditional Balinese healing all privately arranged to support the metaphoric cross roads I had found myself in life and the answers I was seeking. I was rewarded with spa treatments and pampers to nurture and fully absorb the healing.

Not only was each session potent and transformational but they were magnified by having the time alone each night to reflect, absorb and incorporate. This was a trip of a lifetime; a home for my soul and an enlightening empowerment of self to embrace my onward journey ahead.

Proof that it is neither selfish nor self absorbed to follow your heart, to invest in your own growth and development and have time-out for self. Getting away from our everyday traditional roles, allows space and stillness to hear, feel, see, taste, experience what you need. And this I found makes me a happier, consciously aware, more inspired version of self to give back to others.

Forever grateful for my healers, guides, teachers and spirits of Bali who have taught & reminded me of a lifetime of love & growth. And to a wonderfully equal and balanced husband and father of our 2 beautiful boys who made this trip possible and our life together so much more rewarding.

As they say...

"Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

peace in my heart, peace in yours and in the world.

“The time has come to awaken dear one” unknown

Until then…be Zen

Jen Laws

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