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More than I cleansed for

28 Days of nothing but fruit and vegetables, I lost 6 kgs, and 36 cm overall (hubby lost 11kgs). I feel healthier, lighter, brighter and a renewed connection with self…a surprisingly delicious, satisfying and enjoyable discovery.

But that wasn't all...

For years I have played with raw, vegan and gluten free meals, but while I have fantasized about it as a lifestyle, I was unsure how I could make it work and manage my weight, create ongoing nutritious meals for the whole family and feel satisfied.

The catalyst for the shift was reading Anthony Williams, Medical Medium books. The evidential medicinal effects of plants and the link to chronic illness and disease seen on a whole other level compelled me to try it out with his recommended 28 day cleanse. Nothing fancy, just simple, free eating.

No caffeine, meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, alcohol, pre or post workout drinks. I know, a LOT of ‘no’s’. But, in fact there was so much freedom and variety in the plants to keep me engaged.

Added to the experience, I haven’t stepped into a gym all winter (shocking if you know me well!), instead I found myself just turning on music and dancing freely the way my body felt, or walking along the beach feeling the elements soak-in and awaken; or stretching and lengthening my body with home barre, bands and yoga.

It was like one morning I woke up and couldn't/didn't want to pound my body anymore. So instead of fighting it, I just went with it. I soon read that the ‘cortisol (anxiety) slide’ and stress imbalances are the biggest predictors of ill-health and death today, even in a seemingly healthy person [Dr Alan Christianson]. So my caffeine-dependent, high-impact gym junkie body and soul was screaming out for some TLC!

Instead of pounding my body, I feel more nurturing and loving. My mind, body and soul is responding gracefully. The experience has brought a newfound self-love and self-acceptance; a new lifestyle approach with food, exercise and purpose.

Surrender has been the practice and the lesson. Faith and trust has been rewarded with self-love and surprising gifts. Self-care has allowed release and renewal. I’ve felt a loss and a rebirth of self. A new identity is not quite clear.

I AM happy, healthy, and alive. I feel youthful, free and in-love. I am listening to my body on another level, following my intuition even more by tapping into Devine wisdom and guidance (prayer, meditation and feeling) and meeting the energy where it takes me.

The journey is not over… as I embrace a gentle unfolding of purpose in the present, honoring a whole new module of life experience.

It’s refreshing, exciting and scary all at the same time.

What is your body trying to tell you?

What repetitive messages are you hearing or feeling?

Check-in, tune-in, honor your Devine guidance.

It’s there, you just need to ask, listen and take inspired action.

Until then…be Zen


Hi my name is Jen. I am spirit experiencing a physical embodiment; remembering how gifted, powerful, Godly we all are and how the answer is in our collective conscious. My daily practical experience of mother, wife, daughter, and sister keeps the experience so delicious and challenging at the same time. It is my faith, vulnerability, my knowing and connection that keeps me growing, in-flow and abundant. My desire is to help others who are willing to explore, delve deep and surrender to their ultimate Devine purpose and self-freedom.

Ask me about my new one to one immersive retreats or my Goddess Girls getaways. They are in the planning stage, and you could be the first to experience them. The journey starts with YOU! Blessings beautiful soul.

Download your FREE guided visualisation meditation at today.

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