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3 ways to Treat yourself this month

Drained, overworked, bored, tired, coasting along with fewer belly laughs, fist pumps, ah-ha moments, real fulfillment or feeling less than “smoking hot”? What if you had a sure way to feel the real YOU again; the healthier, happier, youthful and vibrant you?

Treat yourself. I did for whole month; to a my mind, body and soul 'Feeling Fabulous February'.

School holidays can tire and test the best of us well-intended carers of young. No suprise I felt like my vibrancy was dulled somewhat by the time school went back in. Though, not for me to let self pity dampen my spirit, I created ‘Feeling Fabulous February’ and lost 5 kilos, recharged my energy, gained new skills and a qualification. Three cheers to a happier and healthier newer version of self.

How so, you may ask. My plan was to retreat and invest in me for one month. 3 easy ways I invite you too, to experience how much happier, healthier and more alive you can feel. It’s as easy as ABC (or MBS).

1. Mind

The best kept secret to staying youthful is investment in our own personal growth and development; not to mention that euphoric feeling of mastering a new skill. So take up a class, start a new course you’ve always wanted to (or finish one you’ve been putting off!), pick up a book or start a puzzle.

For me, I started a Certificate III in Fitness, completed my Zumba Instructor Certification and finished a mind-altering book I have been meaning to make time for. Not only did it satisfy my fetish for ticking things off; but I invested in something I love. While my mind was being challenged, I was also following a passion and enjoyed it all the more…and to me I believe that is how we should measure success, by how much inner joy we experience.

2. Body

Throw away diets or fads. Instead create a new plan to ‘treat’ yourself with yummy, healthy, nourishing ingredients. Make some healthier choices in how you fuel your body or move it. Maybe cut something out (sugary, processed foods), or add something in (good plant based fats or vitamin rich seeds and grains), or make some healthier snacks.

Take up a class that feels like fun (such as a dance class, Zumba, barre, trampolining etc) or go for a regular walk, scooter or ride with a friend. Or if you have been exercising for a while, mix it up. Do something different. Our bodies can stabilize or plateau if we’re bored or not challenging the status quo. By changing the routine, style or intensity of your workout, not only will you notice a physical change, but boredom takes a kick and joy gets a ride.

For me, I created a new healthy, yet yummy eating plan that was easy to follow and stick to as well as mixed up my exercise routine with more emphasis on high intensity interval training, and a huge bout of Zumba fun. Result, I lost 5 kilos and 13cm overall body size; and I feel fab!

3. Soul

Noice how annoying everyone can be? Wish you could hit the pause button...a looooong pause? Yep, it’s prime time to invest back into nurturing YOU. Fill your cup back up. After all, how can you continue to give back to others as much as you do if you haven’t refilled the tank? How can you continue to be the great advisor, councilor, coach, lover, friend, teacher, taxi driver, cook, cleaner and all the other myriad of roles you play if you haven’t tuned into the REAL YOU that is driving it all?

Many of my great teachers and gurus have taught me over the years to lead by example. So set aside some time to nurture YOU, your soul, and not only will you be more energized, but you will have shown your family an important life skill towards health and happiness.

You could set aside just 5 minutes of quiet time alone each day (come on, you could even do this in bed before you get up in the morning through a meditation or focusing 5 things to be grateful for or what your intentions for the day), book a massage, seek support clearing your internal clutter (aka chatter) and reconnect (I use modalities like kinesiology, Reiki, Bowen therapy and acupuncture etc), say YES to an invitation to share laughter with a friend and just this month let go of expectations and obligations that are making you feel resentful.

I did it, and I’ve noticed that people are less annoying and I am happier sharing my time with others who need me…amazing how it works!

So go on, give it a go. Just for a month, plan 1 or 2 things to treat your mind, body and spirit and experience how much happier, healthier and alive you feel.

How about a “Magic March “ kinda month!

Grab a friend and do it together. Share your expereinces, post the new YOU pictures and

Respark Your Soul.

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