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2018 What does it mean for me?

Happy New Year beloveds. Are you feeling like I am feeling?

Are you ready to embrace this 2018 energy with your true self?

You've heard how 2018 is numerologically speaking, an 11 Master year, yes?

A year of world service, of greatness and coming into our own...

(Gasp!)…World service, your say??

Do you balk at stepping up into such big shoes?…. something like ”but what is my purpose, how can I can make a real difference on a world stage, and be happy…now!! “

Its okay. Lets breathe and take a look at what this really means.

The symbolic nature of 11 is so beautifully inspirational, and Divine in nature. Let me paint a picture for you…

My son asked me a joke the other day…as if he knew I was pondering the number 11, (sigh) my little Master teacher.

Harry: what is 1 + 1 equal, mum?

Me: 2 of course (curious?)

Harry: no…a window!

(sigh again) Well, of course it is Confucius!!

The answer to our questions are found in what we “really see” before us.

1+1 = A window to our soul, our purpose, our evolution, our view and perception of self, of others, of the world around us.

When we engage in seeing the truth of self, of others, of our world; then we heal, we grow, and evolve. This evolution is the purpose of our being; and by natural consequences, this heals others in the process.

My mum has always reminded me that “Every thing we hear, see and do affects us” ; and by consequence, those around us.

Responsibility of each word (written, spoken or implied), each footstep and footprint, each message we listen to (media, master, or tribe) and how we choose to control or be controlled, impacts our self harmony, health, and worth. Consider the ripple effect of those who experience our state of being [seriously, really pause here]

Is this not impacting on world peace?

So how does this relate to numerology and my world service this year? Well …

a little about numbers and meanings...

the number One is the initiator, the ideas creator, the independent, influential and inspirational inventor who when standing in their own power will see through to completion. Strong mental energy and will power.

(Balance this with) the number Two (1+1), being gentle, passive, peace loving, psychic, tactful diplomats. They bring inner depth and understanding, and harmony and resolution. They heal and release, and often unknowingly push buttons for others to reveal the truth.

And yet, one by one, side by side is a master number (11). Born to lead and serve the world as an inspiration and helper of humanity. Original with inspirational ideas and plans, the Master 11 motivates others to greatness; with a unique evolved slant on life. (Elizabeth Peru)

This 11 master year brings combined energies of inspirational invention, with truth seeking harmony. By embracing our true callings we evolve not only our self but also serve the world at large (and small).

Consider the independence of One (1) . As we create, stand in our own truth and power and stay in discipline with that energy, the universe will match us equally; a mirror (11) a Divine powerful force.

Use the energy wisely, its time to step out of our comfort zones and be responsible for our impact. Be in flow more, connect more, act on Divine inspiration more and the amplification will serve not only you; but those around you.

What a magic to embrace this year!

So what is your heart calling for, where do you feel the need to learn, to teach, to be in 2018. The universe will match you where you flow (so be careful what you wish for!).

Be in service to YOU. Practice in self awareness, integrity and truth, inquire into aspects that are calling you…do the work and be disciplined in what it asks of you, and the path will lead you to your ‘purpose’, your ‘world service’.

That is scary and exciting...and oh so rewarding.

Lets embrace 2018 together. I’m taking the journey with you, beloveds.

Looking for guidance?

I am holding sessions for those keen to take it to the next step, those wishing to follow those callings to do more, be more, find their true self. Contact me if you want to be a part of that journey. I am taking bookings for Soul journey sessions now (Private Consult). More information at

Reply email or book online at

Interested in more numerology?… please go on, and Google it!

The universal year is currently a Master number 11 = 2+0+1+8

Your Life path number is your day of birth + month of birth + year of birth (eg say your birth date is 10/04/2008 . So then, 1+0+0+4+2+0+0+8 = 15 (1+5) = 6

You can research more into what it means to be your life number (say 6) in the current universal year (now 11). Super fascinating and illuminating!

Divine Teachings @

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